Rolling joints smoking kits that includes grinders
Included lighters in smoking kits
Included grinders in smoking kits
Included rolling machines in smoking kits
Included rolling papers in smoking kits
Included roach clips, gator clips in smoking kits

"The Roach" Smoking kit

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"Don't throw the roach away!"

This super awesome smoke kit is for those that love to roll their own & smoke one till the end.

roller? ... check!

papers? .... check!

GRINDER?! ... double check!

"The Roach" smoke kit is the only one of its kind with a metal grinder, a roller & gator clips to really drive it home. Not only that, we added a standard size Bic lighter & 2 packs of rolling papers. Its impossible not to have at least one rolled up on you all the time with this kit ready to smoke.

  • Standard size bic lighter
  • Small metal Grinder (4 piece) 
  • Roller machine 
  • 2 Gator clips
  • 2 packs of rolling papers (1 elements/ 1 RAW)
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